First Flights

The Tejas is a pilot’s aeroplane and nowhere is this more evident than in her handling qualities and performance characteristics. She rockets off the runway and into the air in a mere 500 meters, and her control harmony and carefree handling characteristics are clearly demonstrated in the almost poetic ballet in the air that is the aerobatic display routine. Frugal fuel consumption and inbuilt air refuelling capability leave the Tejas with combat legs that will be the envy of many a contemporary platform. A fighter pilot with minimal experience will be able to handle the Tejas in the air with ease, and her small size and exceptional manoeuvrability makes the Tejas an opponent that not many will choose to tangle with.

Technology Demonstrators (TD)
Prototype Vehicles (PV)
Limited Series Production (LSP) Aircraft
Naval Prototypes (NP)
Series Production (SP)

Aircraft Aircraft No. First Flight Pilot
TD-1 KH2001 04-Jan-2001 Wg. Cdr. Rajiv Kothiyal
TD- 2 KH2002 06-Jun-2002 Wg. Cdr. Tarun Banerjee
PV-1 KH2003 25-Nov-2003 Sqn. Ldr. Suneet Krishna
PV-2 KH2004 01-Dec-2005 Wg. Cdr. Vikram Singh
PV-3 KH2005 01-Dec-2006 Gp. Capt. Harish
LSP-1 KH2011 25-Apr-2007 Gp. Capt. AP Singh
LSP-2 KH2012 16-Jun-2008 Wg. Cdr. N Tiwari
PV-5 KH-T2009 26-Nov-2009 Gp. Capt. R Tyagi & Air Cmde Rohit Varma
LSP-3 KH2013 23-Apr-2010 Wg. Cdr. G Thomas
LSP-4 KH2014 02-Jun-2010 Gp. Capt. Suneet Krishna
LSP-5 KH2015 19-Nov-2010 Lt. Cdr. Ankur Jain
LSP-7 KH2017 09-Mar-2012 Gp. Capt. KK Venugopal
NP-1 KHN-T-3001 27-Apr-2012 Commodore J.A. Maolankar (IN) & Wg. Cdr. M Prabhu
LSP-8 KH2018 31-Mar-2013 Air. Cmde KA Muthanna (Retd)
SP-1 LA-5001 01-Oct-2014 Air. Cmde. KA Muthanna (Retd)
PV-6 KH-T-2010 08-Nov-2014 Gp. Capt. Vivart Singh & Gp Capt Kabadwal
NP-2 NAVY-3002 07-Feb-2015 Capt. Shivnath Dahiya (IN)
SP-2 LA-5002 22-Mar-2016 Gp. Capt. KK Venugopal (Retd)
SP-3 LA-5003 28-Sep-2016 Air. Cmde. KA Muthanna (Retd)
SP-4 LA-5004 03-Mar-2017 Gp. Capt. KK Venugopal (Retd)
SP-6 LA-5006 30-June-2017 Gp. Capt. KK Venugopal (Retd)
SP-7 LA-5007 12-Dec-2017 Gp. Capt. KK Venugopal (Retd)
SP-5 LA-5005 08-Feb-2018 Air. Cmde. KA Muthanna (Retd)
SP-8 LA-5008 13-Mar-2018 Gp. Capt. KK Venugopal (Retd)
SP-9 LA-5009 24-Mar-2018 Air. Cmde. KA Muthanna (Retd)