From the Cockpit - Video Series

LCA Tejas LSP-4 took off at 1110 hrs and landed forty minutes later. In the sortie, the Test Pilot, Gp. Capt. Suneet Krishna(Retd), flew the aircraft to an altitude of 11-kms and went supersonic, touching 1.1 Mach with Test Director, Gp Capt. D Chakravorty, guiding him from the telemetry facility of National Flight Test Centre (NFTC).

Gp. Capt. Suneet Krishna who is also known as Mr. LCA by fans of the LCA Tejas programme is one of the most experienced test pilots in the Country.  He has served as a fighter & test pilot in the Indian Air Force for over 22 years.
A recipient of the Dr V M Ghatage Award, we sit down with him for an Interview where he reflects on his days right from a young commissioned pilot to retirement and what it takes to become a Fighter Pilot.

Part 1
Part 2