Tejas is an aerodynamically unstable tailless compound delta-wing configuration, optimised primarily for manoeuvrability and agility. Designed to meet the tactical requirements of a modern air force, Tejas is a multi-role aircraft capable of comprehensive air superiority and air defence roles. The aerodynamic design is a culmination of an intense design process involving extensive Computational Fluid Dynamics and Wind Tunnel studies.

Specific aerodynamic features provide excellent aircraft performance in a wider flight envelope:

  • Highly optimised wing, with appropriate variation of thickness, camber and twist along the span.
  • Cross-sectional area distribution along the length, adjusted for good high speed characteristics
  • Leading Edge slats, scheduled for favourable aerodynamic behaviour
  • Wing-shielded bifurcated air intake duct, with diverters, suitably matched with engine to avoid buzz and to minimise distortion throughout the flight envelope